Quality of Life Foundation

Medical research & services for

physical diseases, illnesses & disabilities


Preservation & conservation

of forests, flora & oceans


Respect, protection &

support services for animals


Promotion & maintenance

of cultural heritage


Encouragement of research

for new knowledge

Our Purpose

To promote quality of life by contributing to active charities who make a difference by improving the sustainability of life for all.

Our focus is the promotion and maintenance of cultural heritage, medical research and services. The encouragement of new knowledge, preservation and conservation of forests and flora and the respect and protection of animals and oceans.

People Environment Animals Cultures Education

Quality of Life Foundation is committed to the following five core areas which demonstrate the concepts and values of our foundation:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Animals
  • Culture
  • Education

Get in contact

Quality of Life Foundation
PO Box 1421
South Perth, WA 6951

P (61 8) 6436 2888
F (61 8) 6436 2889
E qualityoflifefoundation@outlook.com

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